Air-Z Premier

The Air-Z Premier is our full featured, fully programmable air displacement pipetting module with integrated tip ejection and automatic detection of liquid levels, tips, tip blockage, step loss and more.

Air-Z Premier


Drive Design

Stepper motor driven lead screwr with high resolution optical encoder for step loss detection

Dispense Speed

1 μL/second up to 3000 μL/second

Liquid Level Detection

Pressure based (pLLD), capacitive (cLLD), hybrid (hLLD)

Volume Resolution

Standard mode 0.382 μL/step with 3000 increments/full stroke
High-Resolution mode 0.024 μL/step with 48000 increments/full stroke

Communication Interfaces

RS232, RS485 or CAN

Operating Noise

<60 dBA, Indoor use only


Maximum of 15 pumps individually

Operating Temperature

15°C to 40°C (59°F to 104°F)

Operating Humidity

20 to 95% RH at 40°C  (104°F) 

Media Temperature

15°C to 40°C (59°F to 104°F)

Overall Dimensions (H x W x D)         
(without cover, not including disposable tip)

6.69 in. [168.7 mm] x 2.38 in. [60.5 mm] x 1.17 in. [29.7 mm]


300 gm


Imprecision (full volume) in 50 μL, 200 μL, 1000 μL Tips

<0.75% CV

Innaccuracy (full volume)

<1% Tip volume

10% Tip volumes

<1% CV


Power requirement

24 VDC, 500 mA

Power rating

<500 mA (peak)

Air-Z Premier Mechanical and Interface
(Dimensions reference only)

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Air-Z Premier

Catalog #Description
0547 Air-Z Premier, 1000 μL with Tip Ejector and LLD

Catalog #Description
10370 1000 μL Tips, Clear, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered, 96/rack
10371 200 μL Tips, Clear, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered, 96/rack
10372 50 μL Tips, Clear, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered, 96/rack
10378 1000 μL Tips, LLD, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered, 96/rack
10379 200 μL Tips, LLD, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered, 96/rack
10380 50 μL Tips, LLD, Non-Sterile, Non-Filtered, 96/rack


Catalog #Description
0549 Cover kit for Air-Z Premier

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