C-Series Syringe Pumps

The C3000, C3000MP, C24000 and C24000MP are precision OEM syringe pump modules designed for automated instrumentation.  The C3000 and C24000 pumps accommodate valves with 3 or 4 ports in a variety of orientations and the C3000MP and C24000MP pumps support 6-way distribution valves while providing all of the same functionality as C3000 and C24000.  All C-Series pumps can be customized for your liquid handling needs.

The C3000 is a seamless replacement for industry standard pumps using the Cavro® protocol.  All normal aspiration and dispensing operations expected from an OEM syringe pump module can be accomplished with this unit. The stepper motor driven syringe will accurately and precisely handle fluids from a few microliters to 12.5 milliliters. The syringe drive arm can be easily back driven, making syringe installation or replacement extremely quick and easy.

The C3000MP offers all of the features of the C3000 but is designed to support a 6-way distribution valve.

The C24000 is a high-resolution version of the C3000 that achieves full syringe resolution to 192,000 micro-steps. The C24000 is ideal for low flow rate and low pulsation requirements.  

The C24000MP offers all the features of the C24000 but is designed to accommodate a 6-way distribution valve.

The C-Series syringe pumps utilize a proprietary high-efficiency, direct-drive design that does not use belts that can stretch or wear out. The robust drive mechanism has been life-tested to several million cycles with no maintenance required throughout its life.

The C-Series Syringe pumps are ideal units for experienced IVD instrument manufacturers who are looking to maximize the investment they have already made in existing instrumentation.  They utilize standard communication protocols and mounting configurations used by other compact syringe pump designs, thereby eliminating expensive and time consuming re-development.

Competitive Advantages

  • A seamless replacement for industry standard pumps using the Cavro® protocol
  • High Resolution options available up to 192,000 steps/full-stroke
  • Proprietary high-efficiency and maintenance-free drive system
  • Direct-drive design (no belts to stretch or break)
  • Long-life rotary shear valves (up to 24 times the life of competing valves)
  • Syringe sizes from 50 μL to 12.5 mL







Stroke Speed

1.2 seconds to 100
minutes per stroke
(800 minutes in
microstep mode). 

1.2 seconds to 100
minutes per stroke
(800 minutes in 
microstep mode)

  4.2 seconds to 800
minutes per stroke
(3200 minutes in
microstep mode).
4.2 seconds to 800
minutes per stroke
(3200 minutes in
microstep mode).

Valve Options

3 or 4 ports
PCTFE or PEEK (housing)
PTFE or UHMWPE (plug)
  6-way distribution valve
  3 or 4 ports 
PCTFE or PEEK (housing)
PTFE or UHMWPE (plug)
6-way distribution valve

Step Resolution

Standard mode 3,000 steps,
Hi-Res mode 24,000 steps
  Standard mode 3,000 steps,
Hi-Res mode 24,000 steps
  Standard mode 24,000 steps,
Hi-Res mode 192,000 steps
Standard mode 24,000 steps,
Hi-Res mode 192,000 steps

Drive Design

Direct drive stepper motor/leadscrew
with 30 mm of travel.  
Manually moveable for "power off" syringe removal.
  Direct drive stepper motor/leadscrew
with 30 mm of travel.  
Manually moveable for "power off" syringe removal.
  Direct drive stepper motor/leadscrew with 30 mm 
of travel. 
Direct drive stepper motor/leadscrew with 30 mm 
of travel. 


The below specifications apply to all C-Series models:

Available Volumes

50 μL, 100 μL, 250 μL, 500 μL, 1 mL, 2.5 mL, 5 mL, 12.5 mL

Imprecision (full stroke)  at 50 μL to 100 μL

≤ 0.1% CV

Imprecision (full stroke)  at 250 μL to 12.5 mL

≤ 0.05% CV

Inaccuracy (full stroke)

< 1% syringe volume

Valve Drive

< 250 ms between neighboring ports

Power Requirement

24 VDC +/- 10%

Power Rating

< 1.5 Amp (peak)

Fluid Contact Materials

Syringe - Borosilicate Glass and UHMWPE or PTFE (seal) - Pressures to 80 PSI
Valve - PCTFE or PEEK (housing) and PTFE or UHMWPE (plug) - Pressures to 100 PSI

  Communication Rates
Format (RS232 / RS485)

RS232, RS 485 or CAN
RS232/RS485 9600 or 38400 baud
CAN - 100K, 125K, 250K, 500K, 1M bps
Data Bits - 8, Parity - None, Stop Bit - 1
Half Duplex, Data Terminal and OEM protocols


15ºC to 40ºC (59ºF to 104ºF)
20-95% RH @ 40ºC (104ºF)

C3000 and C24000 Envelope and Mounting Drawings 


C3000MP and C24000MP Envelope and Mounting Drawings 


Please contact your TriContinent Sales Representative for current pricing.

C3000 Pumps

Catalog #Description
10010 C3000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10011 C3000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PEEK/PTFE)
10012 C3000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10013 C3000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PCTFE/PTFE)
10030 C3000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10031 C3000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PEEK/PTFE)
10032 C3000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10033 C3000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PCTFE/PTFE)
10052 C3000 with Distribution 4-port Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10053 C3000 with Distribution 4-port Valve (PCTFE/PTFE)
10110 C3000 with T 3-Port Valve (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10120 C3000 with T 4-Port Valve (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10095 C3000MP with 6-way Distribution Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)

C24000 Pumps

Catalog #Description
10018 C24000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10019 C24000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10028 C24000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PEEK/PTFE)
10029 C24000 with 120° 3-port Valve (PCTFE/PTFE)
10038 C24000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10039 C24000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10048 C24000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PEEK/PTFE)
10049 C24000 with 90° 4-port Valve (PCTFE/PTFE)
10059 C24000 with Distribution 4-port Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10069 C24000 with Distribution 4-port Valve (PCTFE/PTFE)
10099 C24000MP with 6-way Distribution Valve (PCTFE/UHMWPE)

Replacement Valves

Catalog #Description
10020 120° 3-port, ¼ - 28 (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10021 120° 3-port, ¼ - 28 (PEEK/PTFE)
10022 120° 3-port, ¼ - 28 (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10023 120° 3-port, ¼ - 28 (PCTFE/PTFE)
10040 90° 4-port, ¼ - 28 (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10041 90° 4-port, ¼ - 28 (PEEK/PTFE)
10042 90° 4-port, ¼ - 28 (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10043 90° 4-port, ¼ - 28 (PCTFE/PTFE)
10062* Distribution 4-port, ¼ - 28 (PCTFE/UHMWPE)
10063* Distribution 4-port, ¼ - 28 (PCTFE/PTFE)
10115* T 3-Port, ¼ - 28 (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10125* T 4-Port, ¼ - 28 (PEEK/UHMWPE)
10106** Distribution 6-way (PCTFE/UHMWPE)

*S/N 336945 or earlier may require firmware upgrade.
** 6-way distribution valve is only compatible wtih C3000MP and C24000MP syringe pumps (Cat# 10095 & 10099).


Catalog #Description
10070 50 μL (UHMWPE)
10071 100 μL (UHMWPE)
10072 250 μL (UHMWPE)
10073 500 μL (UHMWPE)
10074 1 mL (UHMWPE)
10075 2.5 mL (UHMWPE)
10076 5 mL (UHMWPE)
10080 50 μL (PTFE)
10081 100 μL (PTFE)
10082 250 μL (PTFE)
10083 500 μL (PTFE)
10084 1 mL (PTFE)
10085 2.5 mL (PTFE)
10086 5 mL (PTFE)
10088 12.5 mL (PTFE)


Catalog #Description
10151 C-Series Evaluation Kit for use with all C-Series Pumps
Includes: Power Supply, Tubing Kit, USB Converter/Cable Assembly and Quick Start Guide.
10171 Cable, RS232 to pump
10176 Evaluation Cable, RS232 and Bench to One C/MC-Series Device
10177 Evaluation Cable, USB to One C/MC-Series Device
10178 Evaluation Cable, XYZ to One C/MC-Series Device
10179 Cable, Daisy Chain Jumper
8152-09 Universal Power Supply
8246-71 Cable, Interface Converter to Pump
8698-02 USB/RS485 Converter
8698-03 Cable, USB-A/USB-B, 2-meter

C-Series Warranty Information

TriContinent operates an ISO 13485 registered manufacturing facility that delivers the highest quality products.  C-Series Pumps are general laboratory components not subject to FDA regulatory approval.  TriContinent uses the highest quality components with applicable safety markings to meet the needs of system designers.    C-Series Pumps do not carry independent CE markings as they are components designed for use within larger systems which are subject to independent testing and certification.  

We stand behind the C-Series Pumps with a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, should a C-Series Pump fail, call us with an explanation of malfunction and TriContinent will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for repair or replacement at our discretion, at no charge.

TriContinent also guarantees its Valves to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 1-year.  Any valve, which fails due to such defects, will be repaired or replaced at our dscretion at no charge provided the device is returned through our RMA process.

It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of an application and the material compatibility of our product with your application.  

When returning a product for repair or replacement, please contact TriContinent Customer Service to receive an RMA number.  When calling please be sure to have the following information available :

     Catalog Number
     Serial Number
     Explanation of Malfunction

TriContinent will not accept the return of any product with out prior approval. TriContinent reserves the right to refuse a return of product that has been used with infectious microbiological or radioactive substances or any other materials that may be deemed hazardous.

The RMA number should be referenced on the outside of the shipping container when returning to TriContinent.

Warranty Exclusions

The above warranty shall not apply for defective products resulting from:

    Improper or Inadequate maintenance by the customer
    Unauthorized maintenance or service
    Customer misuse
    Operation outside of the environmental specifications for the product
    Instruments returned without proper packaging

There is no warranty expressed for the following products:


Note: For equipment damaged in shipping, please contact the shipper directly.


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