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Multiwash III

TriContinent’s MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) is designed and manufactured for dependable accuracy, flexibility and convenient operation. TriContinent has designed and manufactured quality microplate washers (microtiter plate washers) since 1992. This experience combined with the ISO 13485 quality system gives TriContinent the confidence to deliver our microplate washers with an industry leading two-year warranty.

  • Simplicity -- The MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) offers unique design features including, color-coded quick-connect fittings, programming of routines and a single-button rinse, allowing for simplified lab operations.

  • Flexibility -- The MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) offers a 8 and 12-port manifolds, in both standard and coaxial configurations. These manifold selections allow your lab to use one microplate washer for a variety of test routines.

Productivity -- The MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) has the capability to perform a 300 uL three-cycle wash on a full 96-well plate in less than two minutes, and with our optional four-liter wash reservoir, your lab will increase its test throughput and reduce maintenance time.

With programmable wash routines and extensive washing capabilities, the MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) is an ideal choice for labs that perform a variety of test routines including:

  • Elisa
  • Cell Washing
  • Cytoxicity tests
  • EIA, FIA and LIA
  • Agglutination tests



Maximum Dispense Volume

50 μL - 400 μL with standard manifold (recommended)
50 μL - 1990 μL with 8-port coaxial manifold
50 μL - 1650 μL wtih 12-port coaxial manifold
Weight 12 lbs or 4.5 kg (instrument only)
21 lbs or 8.2 kg (domestic shipping weight)
25 lbs or 9.9 kg (international shipping weight)
Dimensions (instrument only)
9.5 in. (242 mm)
11.5 in. (292 mm)
16.0 in. (406 mm)
Wash and Rinse Reservoir Volumes Wash / Rinse / Waste - 2 liters each    
Fluid Contact Materials Glass, Nylon, Stainless Steel (standard manifold 304 series and coaxial manifold 316 series), Polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, Acetal, Polyethylene and Santoprene®    
Contents Reservoir Kit F (standard reservoir kit)
2 Power Cords (1 each USA / Japan & European
Spare Fuses
Soakig Microstrip Wells
Operations and Maintenance Manual, Quick Start Guide



Full Plate processing speed time 180 seconds with 8-port manfold    

 3% at 300 μL
< 3% at 300μL 
Residual Volume < 3 μL per well with standard manifold    
Soak Time 0- 999 seconds    
Number of Wash Cycles 10 wash cycles    
Number of Programs 50 pre-programmed, but user defineable    


MultiWash III

Each washer comes with Reservoir Kit F, spare fuses, rinse strip, dust cover, power cords, Quick Start Guide and Operations and Maintenance Manual.


Catalog #Description
0820 Without Manifold
0820-01 With 8-Port Standard Manifold
0820-02 With 12-Port Standard Manifold
0820-04 With 8-Port Coaxial Manifold
0820-05 With 12-Port Coaxial Manifold



Catalog #Description
0835 8-Port Standard
0836 12-Port Standard
0838 8-Port Coaxial
0839 12-Port Coaxial



Catalog #DescriptionQuantity
0509 105 μM Filters, 10 / Pack 1
0721 Clear Dispense Needles, 0.020" I.D. with Installation Tool,
16 / pack
0933 Reservoir Kit F
Includes: One each Waste, Rinse and Wash bottle, cap with
tubing, slip connectors and fittings.
0934 Replacement Wash Reservoir Cap assembly with slip
connectors for use with Kits E and F
0935 Replacement Rinse Reservoir Cap assembly with slip
connectors for use with Kits E and F
0936 Replacement Waste Reservoir bottle and cap with slip
connectors for use with Reservoir Kits E and F
0943 Maintenance Kit and Syringe Assembly (Cat#'s 0944 and
No tubing included.
0944 Maintenance Kit w/out Syringe Assembly.
Includes: Four each inlet filters, thumbscrews and microstrip
wells.  Two each fuses, valves, valve convers, cleaning needle
assemblies and needle installation tools.  16  needle shroud
0945 Replacement Syringe Assembly
Includes: One each valve cover and syringe set and two
0946 Replacement Tubing Kit 1


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MutliWash III Datasheet (.pdf) 447KB
MultiWash Manual  (.pdf) 745KB
Washers Warranty Information (.pdf) 25KB

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MultiWash Warranty Information

TriContinent operates an ISO 13485 registered manufacturing facility that delivers the highest quality products.  

We stand behind the MultiWash with a 2-year warranty. During the warranty period, should a MultiWash fail, call us with an explanation of malfunction and TriContinent will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for repair or replacement at our discretion.  Do not attempt to repair the instrument, removing the case from the instrument will void the warranty.

It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of an application and the material compatibility of our product with your application.  

When returning a product for repair or replacement, please contact TriContinent Customer Service to receive and RMA number.  When calling please be sure to have the following information available :

          Catalog Number
         Serial Number
         Explanation of Malfunction

TriContinent will not accept the return of any product with out prior approval. TriContinent reserves the right to refuse a return of product that has been used with infectious microbiological or radioactive substances or any other materials that may be deemed hazardous.  A minimum repair charge may occur for products returned for complaints that cannot be verified by TriContinent.

The RMA number should be referenced on the outside of the shipping container when returning to TriContinent.


Warranty Exclusions

The above warranty shall not apply for defective products resulting from:

           Improper or Inadequate maintenance by the customer
           Unauthorized maintenance or service
           Customer misuse
           Operation outside of the environmental spefications for the product
           Instruments returned without proper packaging

There is no warranty expressed for the following components:


Note: For equipment damaged in shipping, please contact the shipper directly.  

OEM requirements

25 unit minimum order
5 unit minimum per shipment
Customization is available on below options. A one-time setup charge may apply for each customized area selected.

Panel Overlay



8-port Standard or Coaxial
12-port Standard or Coaxial

Manifold Label


Power Cord


Operation Manual


Quick Start Guide


Custom Software


Packaging Labels