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The next generation AccuPump2 OEM Syringe pump is designed to meet the broad needs of the automated liquidhandling market and is a seamless replacement for industry standard pumps using the Cavro® protocol.  A variety of valves, piston seal designs and syringe barrel sizes provide selection and flexibility at a reasonable price and each AccuPump2 syringe pump is manufactured under stringent quality control standards resulting in industry recognized reliability and accuracy.  The TriContinent AccuPump2 provides a low-cost alternative to in-house customized syringe pump designs.

AccuPump2 Syringe Pump with No Valve

Created for use as a sample side of a two-syringe diluter or as a standalone air-displacement syringe pump, the valve-less AccuPump2 syringe pump provides accuracy, precision and long-life reliability.  The AccuPump2 includes a TriContinent motor-driver PCBA which provides ready-to-use interfaces for single or multiple syringe pump use.

AccuPump2 Syringe Pump with Valve

The AccuPump2 OEM syringe pump includes a highly reliable shear valve and is designed for use as the primary syringe pump in a two-syringe diluter system or as a single-syringe diluter/dispenser.  It can be used as a standalone or in combination with other standard syringe pumps.  AccuPump2 includes a TriContinent motor-driver PCBA which provides ready-to-use interfaces for single or multiple syringe pump use.


The two available three-way valves, small and large, have a polycarbonate body with a high-density polyethylene core and can last mote than 1,000,000 cycles in chemically compatible applications.  A nylon valve body is also available.

See TriContinent's BasePump / AccuPump2 for a syringe pump similar to the AccuPump2 but without control electronics.  The BasePump without electronics is best for those instrument manufacturers who have experience driving motors or are planning to develop their own control electronics. 



Drive Design

Direct drive stepper motor/leadscrew with 33 mm of travel (16.5 mm for small volumes).
Manually movable for "power off" syringe removal.

Syringe Speed

2 seconds to 60 seconds per stroke

Step Resolution
Short Stroke
Long Stroke

1000 steps full stroke for 50 µL - 500 µL syringes
2000 steps full stroke for 2 ml - 10 mL syringes

Electrical Interface

15-pin male DSUB

Power Rating

< 500 mA (peak)

Power Requirements

24 VDC + 10% 

Interface Type

RS232, RS485, CAN

Communication Rates

RS232/RS485 9600 or 38400 baud
CAN - 100K, 125K, 500K, 1 M baud

Format (RS232/RS485)

Data Bits - 8, Parity - Note, Stop Bit - 1
Half Duplex, Data Terminal and OEM protocols

Fluid Contact
Syringe Materials
Valve Materials

Borosilicate Glass, PTFE, Polypropylene
Nylon Body & HDPE plug or Polycarbonate body & HDPE plug

Operating Temperature

15°C to 40°C (59°F to 104°F)

Operating Humidity

20 to 95% RH at 40°C (104°F)

Media Temperature

15°C to 40°C (59°F to 104°F)



AccuPump2 for Diluent (with valve)
AccuPump2 for Sample (without valve)

Valve Materials

Nylon Body & HDPE plug or Polycarbonate body & HDPE plug

Syringe Sizes

Diluent Syringe Sizes - 500 µL, 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL
Single Port Sample Syringe Sizes - 250 µL, 500 µL, 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL
Dual Port Sample Syringe Sizes - 50 µL, 250 µL


Imprecision (full stroke) at 50 µL to 250 µL

< 1.0% CV

Imprecision (full stroke) at 500 µL to 10 mL

< 0.5% CV


< 1.0 % syringe volume

                 AccuPump2 for Sample Syringes                                  AccuPump2 for Diluent Syringes

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Catalog # Description
10300 AccuPump2, Sample
10301 AccuPump2, Diluent


Catalog # Description
0905 50 μL Dual Port Sample
0904 250 μL Dual Port Sample
0903 500 μL Diluent
0902 2 mL Diluent
0901 5 mL Diluent
0900 10 mL Diluent
0893 250 μL Single Port Sample
0894 500 μL Single Port Sample
0890 2 mL Single Port Sample
0895 5 mL Single Port Sample
0896 10 mL Single Port Sample

Plungers (5/Pack)

Catalog # Description
0779 50 μL for Dual Port Sample (2.740 L)
0780 250 μL for Dual Port Sample (2.740 L)
0783 250 μL Sample
0781 500 μL Diluent or Sample
0782 2 mL Diluent or Sample
0805 5 mL Diluent or Sample
0784 10 mL Diluent or Sample

Valves (10/Pack)

Catalog # Description
0785 Small Polycarbonate
0983 Nylon

Syringe Holders

Catalog # Description
0891 for Diluent / Polycarbonate Valve 
0889 for Dual Port Sample
0892 for Single Port Sample
0984 for Diluent / Nylon Valve

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