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BasePump Syringe Pump

TriContinent offers a selection of BasePump syringe pumps designed to meet the broad needs of the market. A variety of valves, piston seal designs, and syringe barrel sizes provide a convenient selection at a reasonable price. Each TriContinent BasePump syringe pump is manufactured under stringent quality control standards that produce syringe pumps recognized in the industry for their reliability and accuracy. Time-tested and proven in the field, TriContinent BasePump syringe pumps provide a low-cost alternative to in-house or customized syringe pump designs.

BasePump Syringe Pump with No Valve

The most basic TriContinent pump offers a smart alternative to custom designs or an excellent, affordable replacement option for manufacturers who have previously built their own syringe pumps. The stepper motor/leadscrew syringe pump integrates time-tested mechanical and fluidic designs that serve in a variety of applications.

BasePump Syringe Pump with Valve

This syringe pump includes a drive motor for a shear valve. Designed to be the primary syringe pump in a two-syringe diluter system or a single-syringe diluter/dispenser, the BasePump syringe pump can be used with other syringe pumps to meet a wide range of liquid handling requirements.


The three-way valve has a polycarbonate body with a high-density polyethylene core and can last over 1,000,000 cycles in chemically compatible applications. A nylon valve body is also available.

See TriContinent’s  AccuPump2 for an alternative syringe pump similar to the BasePump but with control electronics.  AccuPump2 includes a TriContinent controller PCBA which provides ready-to-use interfaces for single or multiple syringe pump use.  

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BasePump Syringe Pump


Driver Recommendation (min)

For Stepper Motor: BiPolar Chopper at 24 VDC
350 mA per phase or equivalent

Syringe Drive / Motor Leadscrew Data
Travel / Full Step
Resistance / Phase
Inductance / Phase
Rated Current
Rated Voltage

Stepper Motor
0.000656 in. (7.5º step angle)
9.1 ohm (each winding)
16.7 mH (each winding)
550 mA

Valve Motor Data
Current (at nominal voltage)

DC Gear Motor:
12 VDC Nominal (7-15 VDC)
< 0.90 mA (no load), 290 mA (max. load)

Syringe Speed

User defined (500 steps/sec recommended maximum)  

Step Resolution
Short Stroke
Long Stroke

1000 steps full stroke for 50 μL - 500 μL syringes
2000 steps full stroke for 2 mL - 10 mL syinges

Opto Sensors

H22A1 or equivalent  

Electrical Interfaces

10-pin male dual row header  

Power Requirements
Stepper Motor (for syringe drive)
DC Gear Motor (for valve drive)

User defined

Power Dissipation

User defined  

Fluid Contact
Syringe Materials
Valve Materials 

Borosilicate Glass, PTFE, Polypropylene
Nylon Body & HDPE plug or Polycarbonate body & HDPEplug


Operating Temperature

15ºC to 40ºC (59ºF to 104ºF)


Operating Humidity

20 to 95% RH at 40ºC (104ºF)  

Media Temperature

15ºC to 40ºC (59ºF to 104ºF)  




BasePump for Diluent (with valve)
BasePump for Diluent (without valve)

Valve Materials

Nylon Body & HDPE plug or Polycarbonate body & HDPE plug

Syringe Sizes

Diluent Syringe Sizes - 500 μL, 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL
Single Port Sample Syringe Sizes - 250 μL, 500 μL, 2mL, 5 mL, 10 mL
Dual Port Sample Syringe Sizes - 50 μL, 250 μL



Imprecision (full stroke) at 50 μL to 250 μL

< 1.0% CV

Imprecision (full stroke) at 500 μL to 10 mL

< 0.5% CV

Innacuracy (full stroke)

< 1.0% syringe volume

Note: Above specs based on AccuPump2 control electronics.  User results may vary depending on user's electronics and protocols.


         BasePump Sample Envelope Drawings                        BasePump Diluent Envelope Drawings   

Please contact your TriContinent Sales Representative for current pricing.


Catalog #Description
0802 BasePump, Sample
0884 BasePump, Diluent


Catalog #Description
0905 50 μL Dual Port Sample
0904 250 μL Dual Port Sample
0903 500 μL Diluent
0902 2 mL Diluent
0901 5 mL Diluent
0900 10 mL Diluent
0893 250 μL Single Port Sample
0894 500 μL Single Port Sample
0890 2 mL Single Port Sample
0895 5 mL Single Port Sample
0896 10 mL Single Port Sample

Plungers (5/Pack)

Catalog #Description
0779 50 μL for Dual Port Sample (2.740 L)
0780 250 μL for Dual Port Sample (2.740 L)
0783 250 μL Sample
0781 500 μL Diluent or Sample
0782 2 mL Diluent or Sample
0805 5 mL Diluent or Sample
0784 10 mL Diluent or Sample

Valves (10/Pack)

Catalog #Description
0785 Small Polycarbonate
0983 Nylon

Syringe Holders

Catalog #Description
0891 for Diluent / Polycarbonate Valve 
0889 for Dual Port Sample
0892 for Single Port Sample
0984 for Diluent / Nylon Valve


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Base Pump Syringes Datasheet (.pdf) 538KB
BasePump Sample Model (.igs) (.zip) 1250KB
BasePump Diluent Model (.igs) (.zip) 1597KB

AccuPump and BasePump Warranty Information

TriContinent operates an ISO 13485 registered manufacturing facility that delivers the highest quality products.  The BasePumps are general laboratory components not subject to FDA regulatory approval.  TriContinent uses the highest quality components with applicable safety markings to meet the needs of system designers.  BasePumps do not carry independent CE markings as they are components designed for use within larger systems which are subject to independent testing and certification.  

We stand behind the BasePump with a 1-year warranty.  During the warranty period, should a BasePump fail, call us with an explanation of malfunction and TriContinent will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for repair or replacement at our discretion, at no charge.

It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of an application and the material compatibility of our product with your application.  

When returning a product for repair or replacement, please contact TriContinent Customer Service to receive an RMA number.  When calling please be sure to have the following information available :

          Catalog Number
         Serial Number
         Explanation of Malfunction

TriContinent will not accept the return of any product with out prior approval. TriContinent reserves the right to refuse a return of product that has been used with infectious microbiological or radioactive substances or any other materials that may be deemed hazardous.

The RMA number should be referenced on the outside of the shipping container when returning to TriContinent.

Warranty Exclusions

The above warranty shall not apply for defective products resulting from:

        Improper or Inadequate maintenance by the customer
        Unauthorizaed maintenance or service
        Customer misuse
        Operation outside of the environmental specifications for the product
        Instruments returned withour proper packaging

There is no warranty expressed for the following components:

         Plungers / Seals

Note:  For equipment damaged in shipping, please conact the shipper directly.