Microplate Washers and Dispensers

Microplate Washers (Microtiter Plate Washer)

Precision and reliability. These critical qualities go into every microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) we produce. We challenge anyone to beat our 99.97% reliability rate. Our continuous improvement process ensures that we'll keep pushing the limits until we reach the zero defect mark.

MultiWash III Microplate Washer

TriContinent’s MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) is designed and manufactured for dependable accuracy, flexibility and convenient operation. With unique design features, such as quick-connect fittings, programming and storage of routines, and single button end of the day cleaning, this microplate washer provides the expedient and simple operation your lab needs to maintain production. 

Two-Year Warranty

TriContinent is the first  and only company to offer a full two-year warranty on its microplate washers (microtiter plate washers).

8-Channel Microplate Dispensers

StatMatic I

The next best thing to automation. The StatMatic I microplate (microtiter plate) dispensers provides a convenient and affordable alternative for diagnostic assays and cell culture work. Used with an eight-port disposable manifold, the StatMatic I provides continuous operation not possible with multi-channel pipettes. The eight-port manifold, designed for 96-well microplates, delivers fluids in volumes of 100, 200, 250, or 300mL with well-to-well accuracy of 5% or better.

StatMatic II

Ideal for hand-held applications or for use in an automated line. The StatMatic II microplate (microtiter plate) dispenser with a hand-held eight-port disposable manifold provides greater ease, speed, convenience, and affordability than a multi-channel pipette. The StatMatic II can be connected to a range of bottle sizes and completely fills a microplate with one-handed operation -- in a matter of seconds.