Pipettes (Micropipettes) and Precision Dispensers

Precision Dispensing

Laboratories around the world recognize the TriContinent line of pipettes (micropipettes) and dispensers for their affordable precision dispensing and convenient design features. Geared to match a wide range of needs, TriContinent pipettes (micropipettes) and precision dispensers are available on a retail or OEM basis.

Pipettes (Micropipettes)

MiniPet®  -- The World’s Best Selling Micropipette

The MiniPet® , one of TriContinent’s OEM micropipettes, is the world’s best selling micropipette. Compact and engineered for precision dispensing, the sturdy Minipet®  air-displacement micropipette comes in a range of volumes and offers custom color variations. 


Accuracy at an affordable price. The StatPet air-displacement pipette (micropipette) comes in single volumes that range from 50uL to 1mL. Made from durable polymers, the StatPet handles thousands of pipettings. Options let you select from dispense volume, color, printing of name and logo and custom packaging.

Precision Dispensers


The StatMatic's ability to dispense up to one time per second, easy customization of volumes and ability to fit precise applications have made it an industry leader. But the StatMatic is also an ideal laboratory dispenser.

StatMatic I

The next best thing to automation. The StatMatic I microplate (microtiter plate) dispensers provide a convenient and affordable alternative for diagnostic assays and cell culture work. Used with an eight-port disposable manifold, the StatMatic I provides continuous operation not possible with multi-channel pipettes. 

StatMatic II

Ideal for hand-held applications or for use in an automated line. The StatMatic II microplate (microtiter plate) dispenser with a hand-held eight-port disposable manifold provides greater ease, speed, convenience, and affordability than a multi-channel pipette. The StatMatic II can be connected to a range of bottle sizes and completely fills a microplate (microtiter plate) with one-handed operation -- in a matter of seconds.