Syringe Pumps and Rotary Valves

TriContinent is the world's leading manufacturer of precision syringe pumps. Supplier to the world's top medical diagnostic equipment manufacturers, our ISO 13485-certified company has built millions of syringe pumps from a variety of designs, earning a reputation for producing precise, reliable, and affordable syringe pumps for a full range of applications.

OEM Syringe Pumps

TriContinent has a long and successful history of providing application specific Positive displacement and air displacement syringe pumps and other liquid handling products for our customers. These range from simple modifications of standard syringe pumps, to hybrid syringe pumps melding key features of existing technology platforms, to completely custom syringe pumps designed to reduce service costs and field failures in our customer’s existing instruments.

If your new design is limited by “standard” available configurations, now is the time to talk to your TriContinent representative. It all begins by listening to your concerns and understanding your needs. TriContinent is unmatched in our dedication to customer service and collaborative design. All our OEM syringe pumps are backed with industry leading warranties, unparalleled reliability, and a level of customer service that is unsurpassed.

Rotary Valves and Valve Controllers

TriContinent rotary valves have been specifically developed to provide unsurpassed life and reliability in instrument applications using syringe pumps. There are no other rotary valves offered anywhere that can meet the value and long life of TriContinent rotary valves. Longer instrument “up-time”, lower service costs and increased customer satisfaction are benefits you will experience when using TriContinent rotary valves.

TriContinent has developed a superior and proprietary manufacturing process providing outstanding results with standard polymers such as PCTFE, PTFE, PEEK and UHMWPE. TriContinent rotary valves for OEM syringe pumps provide trouble-free performance well beyond previously established expectations. They have the added benefit of lower cost and, unlike some higher priced materials such as ceramic, they will never seize when exposed to crystallizing reagents. TriContinent rotary valves, when coupled with our dynamic PTFE or UHMWPE seal technology, provides zero-dead volume with unsurpassed accuracy and precision as well as exceptional longevity.


Quality syringes, for use with syringe pumps, have been at the heart of TriContinent syringe pumps since the company's inception. Only the highest quality borosilicate glass is utilized in the making of TriContinent syringes with bore diameters routinely held to within 0.0002". Seal materials include the highest quality PTFE, UHMWPE or custom UHMWPE blends depending on customer applications needs. Additionally TriContinent has developed and patented ultra long-life, self-lubricating seal designs that are the most innovative in the industry. Syringes can be manufactured to fit all standard TriContinent syringe pumps, custom OEM syringe pumps or standard 3cm stroke syringe pumps such as Tecan's Cavro XP3000 and XCalibur syringe pumps.