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Accuracy at an Affordable Price

The StatPet™ air-displacement micropipette provides accuracy at an affordable price. The StatPet™ air-displacement micropipette comes in single volumes that range from 50uL to 1mL. Made from durable molded plastic, the StatPet™ micropipette handles thousands of pipettings with typical accuracy of ± 3% and results reproducible to 2% C.V or better. Options let you select from a wide range of colors and add name, logo, messages, and custom packaging.

The StatPet™ air displacement micropipette is available to OEM customers in quantities of 100 or more. Orders can be packaged in bulk (bags of 100) or in custom packaging that you designate. The StatPet™ micropipette is offered separately or with disposable tips. Options include a DeTipper bottle for easy tip removal.

When cost is a driving concern, the StatPet™ air displacement micropipette provides value without sacrificing accuracy or precision.



Model 20 μL 50 μL 100 μL 150 μL 200 μL 250 μL 300 μL 500 μL 700 μL 800 μL 1 mL
Tips 200 μL 1 mL
Liquid Contact Materials: Polypropylene (disposable tips)


Precision (full stroke) 2% CV or better    
Accuracy (full stroke) +3%    
Performance Volume + % Accuracy % Precision (CV)
  200 μL - 1mL 3 2
  50 μL - 199 μL 5 2
  20 μL - 49 μL 7 3
Dimensions (instrument only)
Handle Diameter

5.75 in. [14.61 cm]
.795 in. [2.02 cm]
.72 oz [22.24 gm] (instrument only)
3.1 oz [88 gm] (shipping weight)

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Unit Color(s) - Body, Knob and Cap

Tan (PMS# 4535C) Gray (PMS# 413U) Teal (PMS# 3145C) Rose (PMS# 222U) Blue (PMS# 285C) Yellow (PMS# 129C)
Barrel Color(s)
White Bluish-White

White or Black Ink Color                White or Black Ink Color

 One time set up charge may apply

100 unit minimum order
25 unit minimum per shipment

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