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Air-Z Legacy

TriContinent Z-Series OEM syringe pumps (pipette pumps) are electronic air displacement pipette pumps designed for use on liquid handling (XYZ) robotic systems. The compact and lightweight robotic pipette pump simplifies system design by eliminating tubing and priming requirements normally associated with routine liquid handling tasks. Sample transfers or reagent aliquoting can be done accurately and precisely using the TriContinent disposable tips, eliminating cross contamination and carryover.

  • Three available configurations; Z-Series pump, Z-Series with Proximity Sensor and the iZ-Pump.
  • The stepper motor driven syringe will accurately and precisely handle fluid volumes from a few microliters to 5 milliliters.  Precision and accuracy exceeds that of any similarly sized handheld pipette (micropipette).
  • The simple mechanical interface makes it easy to integrate with all liquid handling (XYZ) robotic systems.
  • Developers can use their own drivers for the Z-Series Pipette Pump or they can be matched with the M-Series motion controllers to provide a complete package.
  • Custom volumes and mounting configurations are also available on an OEM basis.
  • TriContinent's Z-Series syringe pumps are also available in an Instrument Ready (iZ-pump) configuration (details can be found on the accessory tab on the TriTon (XYZ) Robot Page).

Air-Z Legacy



200 μL

1000 μL

2000 μL

5000 μL

Z-Pump Cat. #

0948 0949 0950 0951

Z-Pump w/Proximity Sensor Cat. #

10205 10206 10207 10208

Tip Adapter Cat. #

10005 10006 10007 10008

Disposable Tip Cat. #


Step Resolution
  Per Full Step
  Per Half Step

0.381 μL
0.191 μL

1.527 μL
0.763 μL

3.808 μL
1.904 μL

7.616 μL
3.808 μL

  Z-Pump without Tip Adapter
  Z-Pump with Tip Adapter
  Z-Pump with Tip Adapter and Tip

2.17 oz [61.6 gm]
2.49 oz [70.6 gm]
2.50 oz [70.9 gm]
2.65 oz [75.0 gm]
3.06 oz [86.7 gm]
3.09 oz [87.6 gm]
2.74 oz [77.8 gm]
3.12 oz [88.6 gm]
3.17 oz [90.0 gm]
3.13 oz [88.7 gm]
4.25 oz [120.5 gm]
4.33 oz [122.7 gm]

Syringe Data     

0.1721 in. [4.37 mm]
0.709 in. [18.00 mm]
0.3441 in. [8.74 mm]
0.709 in. [18.00 mm]
0.5441 in. [13.82 mm]
0.709 in. [18.00 mm]
0.7694 in. [19.54 mm]
0.709 in. [18.00 mm]

Driver Recommendations

Pump should typically be driven wtih a 24 VDC bipolar chopper drive, 1/2 step, at rated current.  Bigher voltage may be require at higher step rates.

Fluid Contact Materials (in case of accidental fluid aspiration)

Acetal, PTFE, Silicone Lubricant, Buna N, Neoprene, Borosilicate Glass and Stainless Steel


Performance (at full volume)
with tip adapter and tip noted above
Accuracy within
Precision within


Motor / Leadscrew Data     
  Travel / Full Step
  Travel / Half Step
  Resistance / Phase
  Inductance / Phase
  Rated Current
  Rated Voltage

0.001 in. [0.0254 mm]
0.0005 in. [0.0127 mm]
14.7 Ω
8.5 mH
0.34 A
5.0 V

Z-Series Pump Envlope Drawings

200 µL 1000 µL 2000 µL 5000 µL Interface Details

Z-Series Pump with Proximity Sensor Envelope Drawings

200 µL 1000 µL 2000 µL 5000 µL Interface Details

Note: Each tip is designed to seal within the reference gap dimensions shown.  Customers should perform their own testing to determine optimum force/location for sealing and tip stripping. 

Z-Series Pump with Proximity Sensor Envelope Drawings

200 µL 1000 µL 2000 µL 5000 µL Interface Details

Z-Series 200 uL

Z-Series 1000 uL

Z-Series 2000 uL

Z-Series 5000 uL

Note: Each tip is designed to seal within the reference gap dimensions shown.  Customers should perform their own testing to determine optimum force/location for sealing and tip stripping.

Z-Series Pumps Interface Details

Dimensions/Features noted are typical for any size Z-Series pump (5000 µL shown)

Please contact your TriContinent Sales Representative for current pricing.

Pumps Without Tip Adapter

Catalog #Description
0948 Z-Pump, 200 μL
0949 Z-Pump, 1000 μL
0950 Z-Pump, 2000 μL
0951 Z-Pump, 5000 μL

Racked Tips

Catalog #Description
10000 200 μL Tips, 96/rack
10001 1000 μL Tips, 100/rack
10002 2000 μL Tips, 60/rack
10003 5000 μL Tips, 24/rack

Tip Adapters

Catalog #Description
10005 200 μL
10006 1000 μL
10007 2000 μL
10008 5000 μL


M-Series Controller PCBA

Catalog #Description
0955 Controller/Driver for Z-pump (.5A Max)
0959 RS232/485 Converter Kit
0960 USB/485 Converter Kit




Z-Series Warranty Information

TriContinent operates an ISO 13485 registered manufacturing facility that delivers the highest quality products.  Z-Series Pumps are general laboratory components not subject to FDA regulatory approval.  TriContinent uses the highest quality components with applicable safety markings to meet the needs of system designers.  Z-Series Pumps do not carry independent CE markings as they are components designed for use within larger systems which are subject to independent testing and certification.  

We stand behind the Z-Series Pumps with a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, should a Z-Series Pump fail, call us with an explanation of malfunction and TriContinent will issue a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number for repair or replacement at our discretion, at no charge.

It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of an application and the material compatibility of our product with your application.  

When returning a product for repair or replacement, please contact TriContinent Customer Service to receive an RMA number.  When calling please be sure to have the following information available :

          Catalog Number
         Serial Number
         Explanation of Malfunction

TriContinent will not accept the return of any product with out prior approval. TriContinent reserves the right to refuse a return of product that has been used with infectious microbiological or radioactive substances or any other materials that may be deemed hazardous.

The RMA number should be referenced on the outside of the shipping container when returning to TriContinent.


Warranty Exclusions

 The above warranty shall not apply for defective products resulting from:

         Improper or Inadequate maintenance by the customer
         Unauthorized maintenance or service
         Customer misuse
         Operation outside of the environmental specifications for the product
         Instruments returned without proper packaging

Note: For equipment damaged in shipping, please contact the shipper directly

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