TriContinent Liquid Handling Solutions for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) Instruments

A variety of pumps are required in diagnostic applications such as clinical chemistry, hemostasis analysis, immunology and microbiology to move or transfer small volumes of samples or reagents, dispense bodily fluids, clean needles, and remove residues. Whatever pump type is needed for In Vitro Diagnostics, TriContinent Scientific offers all solutions you need.

Place of TriContinent's Syringe Pumps in the In Vitro Diagnostics Workflow

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TriContinent Positive Displacement and Air Displacement Syringe Pumps are critical components for high precision liquid handling in laboratory instrumentation. Most common functions performed by pumps in in vitro diagnostic workflows are sample preparation tasks, reagent dosing, cleaning processes and removal of analysis liquid. TriContinent Scientific's team of experts can provide multiple solutions that meet the requirement of your IVD instrument; whether it is high-precision dosing or avoiding cross-contamination.

Selecting the Right Pump Technology for Your Application

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When selecting a syringe pump for your instrument you have the choice between air displacement and positive displacement technology. Both solutions serve the function to move liquids in your workflow with very high precision and accuracy but, depending on the application, one technology can be more beneficial than the other.

Comparing the functions and benefits of Air Displacement vs. Positive Displacement technology:

Functions and Benefits of Air Displacement Technology

  • Pneumatic system (air)
  • Ideal for compact instruments (Point of care)
  • Moving of small sample volumes
  • No cross-contamination
  • Reduced instrument maintenance as no valves, syringes or tubing required
  • Flexible: tip volumes
  • High pipetting accuracy and precision


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Functions and Benefits of Positive Displacement Technology

  • Excellent for handling multiple reagents
  • Ideal for low flow/pulsation applications
  • Extremely high precision and accuracy
  • Used to move larger volumes
  • Good for dealing with harsh reagents
  • Flexible: different syringes, valves
  • Drop in replacement for competitor products

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TriContinent OEM Pumps for IVD Applications

Sample Transfer

Reagent Dosing

Cleaning Process

Examples of IVD Devices that use Syringe Pumps and Air Displacement Pumps

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