TriContinent Collaborative Fluidics Engineering

No other company can match the depth of collaborative fluidic engineering support we provide our customers who are developing IVD and lab automation instruments requiring OEM syringe pumps, liquid handling (XYZ) robots, or extensive knowledge of fluidic engineering. From feasibility to production, TriContinent’s hands-on, rapid-response style of collaborative engineering, in all aspects of IVD instrument and lab automation design, is unique in the industry.

TriContinent becomes your engineering design partner.



TriContinent’s engineers frequently respond to preliminary customer requirements with rapidly developed “feaso-types” -- simple but functional, feasibility prototypes for IVD instruments, often involving syringe pumps or other precision liquid handling products. Our engineers perform Engineering Verification Tests (EVT’s) utilizing our potential customer’s reagents and protocols providing detailed test results. Our engineers freely provide extensive industry experience regarding state of the art uses of syringe pumps, lab automation and fluid handling, and proactively help potential customers establish their IVD and lab automation application specifications – including, when helpful, conceptual design review – onsite and off.



TriContinent rapidly manufactures prototypes, such as syringe pumps working in specific configurations, to the customer’s specifications. Our customers demand speed and we deliver. Precision prototype development, based on our customer’s exact specifications, is a crucial step in the development of lab automation IVD instruments. Critical design decisions are dependent on the success of the prototype. TriContinent’s rapid prototype development allows its customers to get their products to market faster.



During the pre-production phase, TriContinent’s engineers focus on maximizing instrument up time by performing Reliability Verification Tests (RVT). All test data is provided to the customer.



After the launch of any IVD instrument or lab automation application, TriContinent’s engineers continue to provide ongoing support and proactively suggest product improvements, manufacturing efficiencies and new approaches to cost savings and reliability.