Air Displacement Pipettes and Pipetting Modules

Wide Range of High-Precision Positive Displacement Pumps for Diagnostic Instrumentation OEMs


Pumps for All Your Pipetting Tasks

Reliability and accuracy are the most important factor diagnostic and life science instruments. Our automated and fully programmable air displacement pipetting pumps are a perfect fit for all standard pipetting applications.

When choosing instruments for life science processes, reliability and precision are the foundation of accurate diagnostics. 

Seamless Integration

To provide easy implementation into your existing instrumentation, TriContinent air displacement pumps feature the following:

  • a modular design
  • customization options
  • automatic liquid level detection
  • integrated tip ejection
  • a full range of tip volumes

Fully Compatible

TriContinent pipetting pumps fully comply with ISO 13485 certification guidelines. They follow industry standard protocols to offer complete compatibility. Their lightweight and compact size allow you to save space when designing your OEM instrument. 

A Wealth of Options

The modular design of our pipetting pumps allows for a variety of configurations. This offers flexibility for numerous volume settings and mounting configurations. Precision glass syringes and our long-life seal technology add exceptional performance and unsurpassed longevity.

A Host of Benefits

Excellence is built right into our designs. Our pipetting pumps feature the following benefits, to name just a few:

  • Priming not required
  • Applicable to all common pipetting functions
  • High precision and accuracy
  • Functions with clear or conductive (black) tips

Case Study

Air-Z Pipette Pumps Help Launch NGS Workflow Simplification Project

Learn how TriContinent helped a leading manufacturer improve their Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) equipment instrument. Our air displacement pipetting pumps elevated the NGS system to be more efficient, compact, and easy to use.

air displacement pumps cover

Our Technical Advantage

You can be sure that dispensing the liquid sample is safe. TriContinent’s air displacement pipette pumps are constructed of high quality, low tolerance materials such as borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and inert polymers. External contact with the liquid is always avoided.

Aspiration and dispense volume accuracy functions on the operating principle of bore and stroke accuracy. The inner diameter of TriContinent’s pipette pump barrel is held to an extremely low tolerance. This low tolerance allows for the incredible accuracy of TriContinent pipettes. 

The TriContinent Air-Z line of air displacement pipette pumps are some of the most compact available. This small footprint enables sure implementation in smaller benchtop and point of care devices.


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