OEM Micropipettes and Plate Washers for Point of Care Test Kits

The MiniPet® , one of TriContinent’ OEM micropipettes for use with disposable tips in point-of-care test kits, is the world’s best selling micropipette. Compact and engineered for precision, the sturdy Minipet® air-displacement micropipette comes in a range of volumes and now offers custom color variations. When we first introduced the colorful MiniPet® micropipette at a trade show, it caused quite a stir. The range of color options is limited only by your imagination. Simply supply us with a color sample or PMS number. Add your name and logo or custom packaging to the MiniPet™ micropipette to make an eye catching addition to your point of care diagnostic kit.

To meet the numerous uses of the micropipette, TriContinent offers its MiniPet® micropipettes in a variety of volumes (5uL to 200uL). The MiniPet® micropipette provides as low as +/-3% accuracy and 2% precision at full stroke. Built from sturdy molded plastic, the air-displacement MiniPet® micropipette handles thousands of pipettings.

StatPet Micropipette

Accuracy at an affordable price. The StatPet air-displacement micropipette comes in single volumes that range from 50uL to 1mL. Made from durable molded plastic, the StatPet micropipette handles thousands of pipettings with typical accuracy of ± 3% and results are reproducible to 2% C.V or better. Options let you select from dispense volume, color, printing of name and logo and custom packaging.

MultiWash III Microplate Washer

TriContinent’s MultiWash III microplate washer is designed and manufactured for dependable accuracy, flexibility and convenient operation. With unique design features, such as quick-connect fittings, programming and storage of routines, and single button end of the day cleaning, this microplate washer was designed to provide the expedient and simple operation your lab needs to maintain production. Backed by an industry leading two-year warranty, this high value microplate washer offers the day-to-day reliability that you require.

With programmable wash routines and extensive washing capabilities, the MultiWash III microplate washer is the ideal choice for labs that perform a variety of test routines including:

  • Elisa
  • Cell Washing
  • Cytoxicity tests
  • EIA, FIA and LIA
  • Agglutination tests

The MultiWash III microplate washer has the capability to perform a 300uL three-cycle wash on a full 96-well plate in less than two minutes